The woman who approached the Tantric in the son's wish, the same father became the father

The woman who approached the Tantric in the son's wish, the same father became the father

Patna. The woman who wandered around in the temples of her son found out about a tantrik suddenly.
People said that the son is received by going to that tantric.
Then what was the lady's bare foot reached the running tantrik and slowly went into the trap of her superstition.
When the woman narrated her problem to the Tantric, the Tantric started explaining the intercourse, explaining the solution.
In the greed of the son, the woman got ready to do everything.

Then the woman got trapped in the tantric traps and started to have physical relations with her.
The son's desire was stunned but Tantric had fallen in love with him. Then the mother of three children wanted to be one with the tantrik leaving her young daughter forever. But he was unable to get out of family problems.
Whenever there is a chance to reach the house of a Tantric woman and play an obscenity game in both closed rooms. The villagers were suspected by the repeated arrival of Tantric and one day they caught the woman in an objectionable condition with Tantric.
Then there was a panchayat sitting on both of them, where the woman told to marry Tantric. So Tantric was ready to marry the woman too. At the same time the woman's daughter was protesting against it,
she had said that her mother had already been misbehavior and now she has got evidence. It has not only been done by the work that this has done but our respect is also in danger.
When the information was given to the police station then the police reached the spot and arrested both the Tantric and the women.
After the arrest, the pressure of both the marriage started and the panchayat married them both.

According to the information, the matter is from Banka district of Bihar, where Hema Devi residing in Shambhunj block,
got so much love from Tantric that she took up her hand while rejecting her family in a filled mahfil. Hema has three young daughters,
two of whom are married and a virgin but she did not even have a son. Because of which he had approached the Tantric and later both of them gradually fell in love and began to develop physical relations.
 The surrounding people said that Hema Devi was first married with Shambhu.
After marriage, the relationship was very good because of which it had a daughter.
Meanwhile, someone told him about Tantric Sanjit Singh of Siwan and said that whoever goes to Sanjit Singh's court, he does not return empty.
Then what was the lady approached the Tantric and narrated her heartbeat.

The conversation between the tantric and the woman started and the two fell in love.
The sequence lasted for only a few days that the surrounding people became suspicious and one day both of them were caught in an objectionable condition in a closed hand room.
Then the Tantric was first fist wash and the decision was taken to marry a Panchayat in the village and both were married in Kachhari. When the woman's first husband,
Shambhu was asked about this matter, he said that now that our respect has been auctioned, then it will not come back to our house. At the same time the women's daughters said that the mother had already been misbehavior,
sometimes she was seen obscenely obscuring, but whenever it was opposed, the Mahabharata was in the house. Now its reality has been disclosed and now we do not have any connection with it.

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