Hyderabad witch, picture viral

Hyderabad witch, picture viral

Even in modern times, ghosts are coming out,
it is surprising that people are watching the ghosts and taking pictures of them and sharing them. More than that,
the picture of India is being posted in Pakistan and more viral there than India.
The picture is also fun, in which a witch is being seen in white clothes and people are busy busy making photos in hijoom. Nobody is afraid of ghosts.

Share on Facebook in Pak

This photo has not been posted by any other person,
but Pakistani singer Fakir Mehmood has shared on the Facebook page and while posting this picture,
he has questioned that this photograph is from Hyderabad and the people at the midnight witch have cameras Are imprisoned in Can anyone confirm this?
These witch is in the same kind of costume that is sitting in our brain or has been placed which we see in movies.

Strong Comment

There are strong comments on this picture.
Someone has written that this woman was making a cake for the first time and the whole flour fell on it. Now the people understood the poor as a witch.
Someone wrote that this fairy of this father is looking like this because of no make-up. Another comment is that this girl was going on a date that suddenly a witch became.
Someone said that this is the first witch so that people are not afraid. One said that this witch is sophisticated, giving pose in front of the camera.
Someone described him as a ghost of lantern and said that after working all day, there is rest. Some kind of comments are written by people, but nobody knows what its reality is.

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