This woman works with 200 people in a day 's***x'

This woman works with 200 people in a day 's***x'

London. You must have heard about sex addiction. Many people get addicted to sex. Such people have also been shown in many films. There is a similar case from Britain that you will be surprised to hear. Every man has to go to a woman here. It has a man who likes to spend the night, not spending the day. This woman has a habit of having sex 200 times in 24 hours.

This woman, having sex 200 times in a day, does not name the woman's fire extinguished. It can be found only in the morning or in the evening at night every night only and only sex. There is no explanation for what is behind it or what is the reason. But one thing is clear that the desire to have sex 200 times in a day is considered a disease. It is also called sex addiction.
Boys find themselves

In order to pacify the fire of this lust, the woman lives in search of boys and makes a connection with what she got. The woman says that she is uncomfortable all day long and her mind does not calm down until she does sex. This is called permanent araazul syndrome in the language of doctors.

Before this, many cases of sex addiction have surfaced

Earlier, a similar case came from England. Danny Weaver was also a sex addiction in Manchester. He had been confused with 2500 women for the past 10 years. Sex addict Danny also has her own girlfriend but she likes to have sex with other women. Danny had told that he did not like to do this, but when he was in the teenage, women liked him very much. Not only this, some women also put pressure on creating physical relationships. After this, he got used to it. He had told that he has sex with about 5 to 6 different women in a week. There is hardly any day on which she should not have sex.

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